Artwork and video content produced for Bristol artist Kainnif. The media produced throughout this campaign was commissioned to act as the visual identity for his social media channels.

The desire was to visualise and signify the emotion coming from the music.

To build on this, I considered what the music really created within an environment, and the effect it had. This allowed me to create something that really felt connected to the EP.

Tell Your Kids

A collection of responses society needs to hear in order to build a new contemporary man. Young men are built to not show emotion, but if you had heard more phrases like these at a young age, would that change?

Designed as a final outcome for a project targeting mental health and gender roles in this country.

The concept was to use a mixture of visual language to present the same message to two different age groups.

An Ode To Tomorrow

An Ode to Tomorrow explores the realms of the possible and the impossible, aiming to provide a platform for dreams and imagination. By taking a speculative look at the potential of tomorrow and our ability to succeed in an era with a great number of challenges, we pose questions that we don’t always ask ourselves.


Change is a mobile application that aims to improve young adults spending habits.

This application is a concept created by myself to explore and demonstrate how modern design elements and technology can merge. In order to teach the user to manage their money better through info graphics and other visual cues.

The minimalist design enables users to clearly see the important aspects of their finances, without over complicating it.

Tell Your Kids

Masculinity is a term culturally formed over thousands of years. ‘Boys will be boys’, ‘Boys don’t cry’. These sound harmless, yet these phrases infer all males should hide emotion, hide the way they feel and hide who they are.

We all know the ever increasing figure that suicide is the biggest killer in men under 50, and we wonder why? In many cases it can be this societal expectation that is to blame. Men feel they must fulfil this masculine role in order to be a man, and sometimes men inevitably cannot. This bench acts as a physical metaphor that relays a message our society needs to hear... Gender roles aren’t healthy anymore, we need to teach the modern man it is okay to express the way they feel.

Featured on the universities art and general social media channels.

OCD Study

A collection of editorial outcomes produced during my first year of university. The project considers stigmas accociated with OCD, and experiments with how stigmas make an illness like OCD worse.

The Contemporary Man

This piece of editorial design looks to expose how we as a society got where we are. In terms of the social expectations and pressures that we put on gender roles, and how this has a direct correlation to male mental health.

The book is very typographic, focusing on layouts to express thoughts and quotes taken from my research. The colour scheme uses generic gender associated colours, that actually switch roles throughout the book to symbolise how in the 1930s our gender associated colours were reversed. Males were dressed in pink and females in blue.

CNCP Collective 

The media created within this poster looked to feel expressive and energetic.

It was commissioned to market the event as something that stood out from the crowd, and challenged the companies previous aesthetic.

With an initial idea in mind, I looked to explore shape and consider how this direction could produce work that really said something, while selling the event.

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